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Futurist Speaker Thinque Anders Sorman-Nilsson

Think Global, Act Local

are you you tuned in?

How are you managing disruptive trends? Are your leaders aware of the next tidal wave of changes about to hit your industry shores? What disruptive...
Digilogue Marketing Sartorialist Thinque Anders Sorman-Nilsson FSC Barber

Digilogue Storytelling:

future of marketing

When I was last in New York, I was in town for 43 hours. One of my absolute priorities was to make it into FSC Barber in West Village.  You...
Digital Disruption Futurist Anders Sorman-Nilsson


convergence of analogue and digital

How are you communicating and connecting with your clients? Now, even though we're now on-line, interconnected, hyperlinked and linkedin 24/7/365, a...
Futurist Vision of Cities STEEP analysis of change drivers Anders Sorman-Nilsson

Futurist Vision of Cities

STEEP analysis of change drivers

What might a futurist say about the economic drivers and talent centres of the world from a 2020 perspective? Here is a STEEP analysis of the drivers...
Future of Media & Engagement Anders Sorman-Nilsson

Future of Media & Engagement

Espresso Shot with Dina Kaplan

In this Espresso Shot video interview with co-founder of, Dina Kaplan, we discuss the future of media, and how social...
Waves of Change Digitisation, Psychographics, Hyperlocal

Waves of Change:

Digitisation, Psychographics, Hyperlocal

If you dislike change, your're really going to hate being defunct. Because that is what is looming behind the choice to either adapt with the...