Pharma Futures: disruptions to customer behaviour

Posted on Sunday, 29 Jan 2012


Patent expiries, generic inroads, changing customer behaviours, tight regulations, eHealthcare, and old school research and development mindsets have left one of the most profitable industries during the last 50 years in the lurch. If we scan the horizon, pharmaceutical thought leadership today is largely about identifying opportunities to more effectively influence stakeholders (payers, patients, and providers), to streamline the research and development process to bring game shifting drugs to market, and crack the biomarker code. Meanwhile, many pharma companies are struggling to understand and make use of new communication tools like social and digital media, to shift the innovation ecosystem to greater collaboration, and to move the dialogue with customers to one that is focussed on preventative health, rather than symptomatic treatment. To enable standard of care changing service and health care, pharma companies need to drastically rethink their business models. While the world's ageing population seems to buoy the pharma market, an increasing proportion of that overall market is being taken over by generic pharma, which in the longer term can have a big impact on the way the pharma market overall approaches research and development. 


In this video, futurist Anders Sorman-Nilsson showcases some of the big disruptive trends that are currently impacting the pharmaceutical world. This energetic STEEP analysis gives you a 2020 vision of the changing pharmaceutical landscape.


Check it out, and make sure you check Anders' keynote speaking availability for your next healthcare conference.


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